The goals of the interest group are:
–To share knowledge about literature search methods and related aspects in knowledge synthesis.
–To network with individuals and institutions working in the field of knowledge synthesis.

Synthesis Interest Group (KSIG) is a special interest group of the Canadian Health Libraries Association. It was proposed in Jan 2017 and approved later that year at the CHLA/ABSC conference in Edmonton. Since that time the group has held annual meetings and several learning opportunites such as journal clubs and webinars. These will be archived on the website in due course.

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Our ListServ

While the website is under construction, most of our communication occurs through the ListServ.

To subscribe to our listserv (ks-list), please use this link:


Our Terms of Reference

Official Interest Group Name Knowledge Synthesis Interest Group 

Purpose To share knowledge and network with CHLA/ABSC members interested in the field of knowledge synthesis (KS). 

Membership Any CHLA/ABSC member in good standing (either individual or institutional) may join the KS Interest Group at no cost. Members can join the group by contacting the co-convenor(s). 

Elected Officers Two co-convenors will lead the KS Interest Group. The co-convenors will act as a contact point with CHLA/ABSC, organize meetings, and coordinate other activities as needed. Each will serve a 2 year term with a 1 year overlap to support continuity. The co-convenors will be elected by Interest Group members. If there is only one candidate, that candidate will be elected by acclamation. 

Decision-Making Decisions will typically be made by consensus. If a vote is necessary, a simple majority of the members participating in the meeting shall be required. A quorum will consist of at least 5 members. All members present shall have one vote. The co-convenors will decide if a vote is necessary. 

Meetings The KS Interest Group will meet at least once per year at the annual CHLA/ABSC conference. 

Communication The KS Interest Group will share information primarily through an email listserv for members. 

Accountability The co-convenor(s) will submit an annual report to CHLA/ABSC with the name of the current convener(s), number of members, meeting history/attendance for the previous year, and convener(s)-elect for the next association year. 

The terms of reference will be reviewed every 2 years. 


An election will be held for co-convenors if and when the KS Interest Group is approved. The election will be held by using an online survey tool. For the first year only, 2 co-convenors will be elected at once: one co-convenor will serve a 2 year term; the other will serve a 1 year term. After the first year, one co-convenor will be elected annually and the standard term will be 2 years. 

Current Co-Convenors:

Robin Parker

Jessie Cunningham

Past Co-Convenors

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